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Are you a Dance instructor or do you own a dance studio?

Imagine yourself, leading your own dance team with complete support along the way from a group of world champions!





We offer choreography, technique drills/exercises, directors training and support for team levels from beginner all the way to competitive levels. Be a part of 25 plus cities from around the world that train and use our technique platform and dance and perform Alma Latina choreography. 


what is an alma team?

An Alma Team is a team that franchises out the Alma Latina system-our choreography, costumes and  technique platform. You can choose to have a salsa and/or bachata choreography or choreographies. We have various levels available to fit any level of dance team: beginner, intermediate and advanced. Fill out our form below to learn more about how you can host an Alma Team and perform our choreography in your city!



Technique & support

As an Alma Director, you receive intricate choreography that is clearly explained. All movements broken down step by step so that all of your students are able to execute the choreography at the highest level. You receive constant feedback and full support on implementing each piece from the actual choreographer. All choreographies include technique exercises and drills that aid in learning the choreography. 

A large NETWORK of

like-minded individuals

Our mission and focus is to support our entire team on the journey to become the best dancers we can be. Our team model is based on a proven championship track record by our Professional Team who has been dancing together for 13 years. We value and emphasize team work in a family environment, encourage creative cooperation while never losing our integrity.  When you become an Alma Director, you join a network of 25 plusdirectors and 1,000 like minded team members around the world. Our extended family dances together, trains together, and parties together!

Opportunities to grow

We encourage and promote our directors to continually learn and grow. As an Alma Director, you receive 2 directors training classes per year to become a better instructor and leader for your students. You will be fully trained and capable to take your students game to the next level and lead them on their way to becoming a competition caliber team.

levels available

Bachata Co-ed (partnering):







Bachata Ladies (shines & styling): 




Bachata Mens (shines & style): 

Open level


Mambo & Salsa Co-ed (partnering): 

Beginner 0n1

Amateur on2

Intermediate on2

Advanced on2

Competition 0n2


Mambo ladies (shines & styling):






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