Alma Latina Instructor Certificaton

master the world-champion technique 



Alma Latina is welcoming all instructors to learn our World Class Teaching System! Learn how to teach the technique which led to multiple World Champion titles.

Not only will we provide instruction on how to run the Salsa and Bachata course, we will provide a detailed syllabus and give insider secrets on how to promote your class, retain students, and build a solid dance community; Everything you need to know to run a successful business!

The Alma Latina system of teaching will ensure your dancers begin with strong fundamentals to prepare them to become a phenomenal social dancer and/or performer!

This program will include detailed in instruction on how to properly learn to perform and teach the following topics:


Interpersonal spacing
Tension and resistance
Correct Foot Placement
Body Movement
Ladies Styling


salsa 101

Details coming soon!

salsa 102

Details coming soon!


bachata 101

Details coming soon!

sensual bachata

Body movement, waves, spirals, partner rolls, circular rolls, 3 point connection and more will be taught.


Online Classes

salsa      bachata