What is director training?

Director training takes place two times a year, in various cities, to provide all Alma City directors an opportunity to train with the Alma Latina Pro team. This training is at no cost to any current Alma City director. The purpose of the training is to allow directors to learn the technique, body mechanics, exercises and tricks needed to provide a strong program for their dance teams back home and network with other Alma directors from around the world! Training with the Pro team helps directors better teach and explain how to fully execute an Alma Latina performance choreography piece. We strongly recommend current directors and those considering directing a team to attend our next director training. 



What genres are covered at training?

How long does the training last?

Where does training take place?

Is the director training mandatory for all city directors?

If you are considering becoming a director, can you attend training?

Are Alma City dancers, who are not a director, allowed to attend this training? 


Contact us for any questions you may have about our director training offered to all Alma City directors world-wide!