Our Story

Founded in Tijuana, Mexico in 2005 by Gabriela Equiz, Alma Latina Dance Company received global recognition for its unique style and dancer technique. With numerous championships and world titles under its belt, Alma Latina has expanded with consistent interest from professional, semi-professional and amateur dancers globally, seeking training opportunities. The Multi-Champion dance company continues to share its love for dance at various competitions, workshops, congress events and training seminars. The complexity and precision of the Alma Latina choreography combined with Gaby's unique styling is revered and coveted by the Latin dance community world-wide. Alma Latina is family, it’s far more than competitions and trophies. Alma a dynasty that is promoting Latin dance around the worth with, as the name implies, “Latin Soul”.

Our vision is to utilize dance and music education to help people achieve a greater sense of happiness, accomplishment, and community. We strive to become the best dance company in the United States and Mexico, and to be unsurpassed internationally.  We motivate dancers of all levels to develop their talents and recognize their potential.  The goal of Alma Latina is to show any individual, regardless of their dance background, that they can become an outstanding dancer and are a welcome member of our supportive community.

Our Objective

To cultivate excellence in and appreciation of dance through technique training, education, and performance.

 We Aspire To

1.       Exemplify world-class abilities in dance and performance

2.       Impart team values, healthy lifestyles, and cultural awareness

3.       Increase knowledge, passion, and admiration for dance and use it to improve lives

Our Values



1.      We appreciate that hard work and consistency are essential for growing as dancers and as people

2.       We reinforce and practice dance fundamentals to provide strong foundations to further dance training and development

3.       We understand that teamwork requires sacrifices, and each person helps achieve success for the group



1.       We teach creative, diverse routines; incorporating original choreography and musicality to express our passion for dance

2.       We provide ample instruction and employ creative methods to help individuals reach their dance goals

3.       Members at all levels commit themselves to perfection and to giving an outstanding performance



1. We respect each individual and appreciate their contribution to our company; discrimination is not tolerated in ANY form

2.  We foster a sense of family and are open and welcoming to anyone with a passion or interest in dance

3.  We believe that anyone can excel in dance and we encourage everyone, regardless of age or skill level